Old Testament Foundations Sermon Series

This August, we will begin a 40 week journey through the Old Testament. Our morning services will focus on specific themes, stories, and books of the Old Testament. Our evening services will allow us to dig deeper into the themes and scriptures raised in our morning worship. 

In addition, we encourage each of you to engage in an Old Testament reading plan that allows you to read along with this series. There are two options – a 33 week partial plan that will have you read most of the Old Testament and keep abreast of the themes we will be addressing on Sunday morning or a 33 week complete plan that will have you read the whole OldTestament but won’t necessarily be the same theme as Sunday morning.  

So, plan to start reading the Old Testament, and discover what God has to say to you through His Word.


Weekly reading guide

The two different plans allow you to read through the Old Testament along with the sermon series at your preferred pace.

weekly memory verses

These memory verses will allow you to know the Old Testament better and encourage you in life.



The sermons from this series will be available for listening at your convenience through out the series.