70th Anniversary of Immanuel CRC

Celebrating 70 years of God's faithfulness and guiding

March 1946

Second CRC of Ripon is organized out of First CRC, and is recognized as Immanuel CRC by Central California Classis. Charter document lists 44 families, 7 individuals, 95 communicants and 205 souls.


The church body gathers to break ground for the construction of the church sanctuary.


Building dedication service - February 29, 1952


Immanuel begins support of Sacramento CRC through Home Missions.


Immanuel publishes first Messenger newsletter. A "Third Church" committee is organized with members of both First CRC and Immanuel.

Mid to late 60s

Immanuel starts Cadets and Calvinettes program for church youth.


Immanuel organizes a 30 voice choir.


New social hall, additional classrooms, nursery and council room are added to existing building.


Southeast Asia Refuge resettlement program


Recommendation regarding large church - when membership reaches 200 families, call a second pastor or organize another church


Daughter church, Almond Valley CRC, is organized. 40 families charter with 13 families of other churches to become Almond Valley.


Immanuel starts Coffee Break program. Women professing members are given voting privileges for election of council members.


Immanuel begins second morning worship service with contemporary format.


Friendship Ministry begins.


Immanuel votes to approve women as deacons.


Immanuel starts Christian Education Program.


Immanuel begins participation with Family Promise ministry.


Immanuel begins missions trips to Guatemala and begins partnership with Maria Mendez and Students International.


Immanuel dedicates the new Ministry Center.


Lead Pastors

Rev. Evert Tanis
1946 - 1969

Rev. Homer J. Wigboldy
1971 - 1977

Rev. Theodore Wevers
1977 - 1981

Rev. Case Admiraal
1981 - 2008

Rev. Ken Boonstra
2011 - Present

Associate Pastors

Rev. Timothy Hoekstra
1985 - 1988

Rev. Tom Haan
1988 - 1994

Rev. Calvin Friend
1995 - 2001

Rev. Bret Lamsma
Pastor of Youth & Education
2008 - 2017

Additional Staff

Sharon Zonnefeld
Worship Coordinator
1997 - 1999

Geri Witt
Worship Coordinator, Secretary,
Administrative Assistant

1999 - Present

Nate Doorlag
Youth Pastor
2000 - 2003

Joan Beelen
Coordinator of Ministries
2003 - 2006

Matt Borst
Youth Pastor
2005 - 2007

Lauri Howard
Coordinator of Ministries
2006 - 2011

Cecilia Verver
2012 - 2018

Brechthe Harrewyn
2013 - 2018

Rosemary Langford
2009 - Present

Melissa Viss
Worship Director
2016 - Present

In our time of celebration, we would offer special praise.
As we think of past and future, vow anew to walk your ways.
Times of triumph, times of failure - still this song keeps ringing through:
Lord, your works cannot be numbered, Lord, our church belongs to you.